Trying to Cash the Michael Pineda Check or The Yankees Lubricate Card Sales


I have two Michael Pineda 09 Bowman Chromes.

Just put them on Ebay for $13.75 for the pair,  Buy-It-Now

If successful this is approx. a 100%+ price jump in less than 72 hours.

No movement on them yet with the exception of the three people who are watching the auction.

My price is perfect compared to others of a similar mind-set so I don’t know if the delay in the finalization of the trade is stalling potential buyers.

Go to your home Mike!  I have a brand new bubble mailer just waiting in the wings…let me insert you and set you free!

Hit the button dammit~!

Actual cards pic’d below….crispy little bastards!

UPDATE: SOLD!  About 2 hours after I posted this….$16.50- the $1.50 to ship….$15.00, $7.50 a piece…up from $3 per just days earlier.


3 Responses to “Trying to Cash the Michael Pineda Check or The Yankees Lubricate Card Sales”

  1. 1 onthewayhome

    Hi, I just wanted to leave a comment because I looked through a couple of your posts and I love the blog…the background is awesome too. Only about a month until spring training- I can’t wait! Also, thanks for following my blog!

    On The Way Home:

  2. Thank you my friend! Spring is in the air and you can never have too many baseball related cohorts! Love your posts as well and I look forward to reading more.

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