1979 Topps Dave Parker or the Alpha


The first card that stands out in my memory from childhood is the 1979 Topps Dave Parker.

The brilliant Bucs yellow of his uniform stands out like afternoon sun against a cloudless sky blue backdrop.

The blue “PIRATES” banner below the picture adds to the color-appeal of the card and Parker looks like he is trying to figure out which player on the opposing team he would like to kill.

Plus, in addition to being one of the best Pirate players at the time, he was called “The Cobra” and rocked a sweet earring….exponentially rocketing him up the “bad ass” charts in my eight year old mind.  The only men I had ever seen sport an earring were pirates in books and movies….hey…wait a fuckin’ minute…PIRATES!

Dave Parker became the king of my world and I could actually hold him in my hand and hide him from my brother.  Between us we had at least a few hundred 79 Topps at the time but there was definitely only one Dave Parker card.  It was RARE.

The person who Parker was at the time, plus the way the card took me visually was a key moment in the beginnings of my love for both baseball and its cardboard mementos.


One Response to “1979 Topps Dave Parker or the Alpha”

  1. ’79 Topps is my second favorite set; behind the superior rookie class included in the ’81 Topps set.

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