Sold. (2) Yu Darvish 2009 WBC Bowman Chromes…g’bye


I have a weakness for pitchers.  I always wanted to be a pitcher (did one year of JV in high school) and had a tiny window in high school where I actually got some time on the mound but I was a mechanical mess.  I never could get my body working for my arm.  I think my fastball topped out in the low 70’s,  and my breaking shit moved maybe 4-5 inches at best.

Anyway, I love pitchers.  Love to watch them, love to fantasize about being one, and unfortunately have shown a love for investing in them baseball card-wise.

I had arguably one of the sweetest Dontrelle Willis collections ever amassed. <—Get it?

Stay away from pitcher speculation.  It’s a tough gig.  I know this is not an original thought and is fairly common as far as speculative advice goes but I am here to reaffirm it.  Too many variables….starters become bullpen jockeys, injuries, short careers, etc.  Think of all the pitchers that have had a handful of brilliant seasons only to have their arm explode. How much is your Bret Saberhagen 1984 Fleer Traded going for on the Bay?  I just looked…last one sold for $3.00+$3.00 shipping.

I mean let’s be real.  Speculating on baseball cards…in any manner….is a losing proposition for most of us….the overwhelming majority of people who try to turn a buck on rookie guessing…lose money.

I have sold probably 2000-3000 cards on Ebay and for the most part it was an act of stemming the blood loss after bangin’ open packs with the cable bill money.

I got both of the Yu’s in packs in 09.  Just had them sitting around and noticed that even though the base chromes aren’t making anyone rich I could probably move them out instantly at the right price.

Sold for $7.75+$2.75 ship.  Bye Yu.  I’ll follow up at the end of the season to see where these are price wise.

I also found and put to auction a Scott Savol Donruss Americana Auto (I guess he was on American Idol?) My wife says he was a douche bag and has no idea why anyone would pay even $3-4 to have his autograph.  I think she might have had a crush on him or something.
"Glory Days"


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